EMPOWERED 2024 Foundation Software User Conference

Session Prerequisites

Certain sessions require specific prerequisites for participation. To ensure a smooth and productive experience, we kindly request all attendees carefully review the prerequisites for all registered sessions. To facilitate this process, please follow the steps below to easily confirm your prerequisites.

akoyaGO Users

To view which akoyaGO user role you have, please consult the CRM for Administrators GOsupport video resource. To better understand the difference between the roles, please reference the CRM Standard User Roles GOsupport knowledge article.

akoyaGO + Accounting

akoyaGO (without Accounting)

GOmanager / GOapply Admin

  1. Open the GOapply application.
  2. Click on “Form Editor” to ensure you have access to GOapply Admin .
  3. For GOmanager access, please follow these steps for GOmanager Security Group.


  1. In a separate tab, go to www.make.powerapps.com.
  2. Ensure you have permission to access the site and the environment that does NOT end in (default).

    ** PowerAutomate is included with your PowerApps License. However, users will need the akoyaGO Customizer role to access.

Business Central

Ensure you have access to Business Central using one of three various licences.