Foundation Software Built on Microsoft Dynamics

Experience the power and familiarity of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics Foundation Software

It's time to discover unparalleled efficiency with akoyaGO, the leading Microsoft Dynamics foundation software solution.

Web Based Foundation Management

Boost flexibility with akoyaGO's cloud-based, scalable software, secure with Azure and designed for remote access.

Cloud based foundation software

Choose a secure, customizable foundation solution with hands-on support and controlled costs.

Experience secure, scalable remote work with akoyaGO, powered by Microsoft and Azure for adaptable foundation management.

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a unified platform that records comprehensive details, interactions, and histories of all stakeholders.

Consolidate communications, activities, and donor data in one centralized location to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce the chances of data errors or loss.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for foundation software

All Activities in One Place

Automation and Visibility Reporting Foundation Software

Dynamic Reporting and Automation

Optimize your foundation's workflow with automation. Automate communications, reminders, and other logic-based tasks to increase efficiency and benefit from bulk capabilities.

Power BI for foundation software

Transform your foundation's data into actionable insights with advanced data visualization tools. Utilize dynamic dashboards and real-time data views to monitor donations, engagements, and more, ensuring you're always informed and ahead.

Extend beyond traditional software offerings with robust data reporting capabilities. Filter data views to identify high-value donors, visualize real-time analytics on customizable dashboards, and make data-driven decisions without the need for static reports.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Foundation Tools and Integrations

Foundations rely on Microsoft platforms like Office 365 to enhance their daily operations. Imagine the boost in efficiency and productivity with a CRM like Dynamics 365 that seamlessly integrates with your existing Microsoft and third-party applications.

Discover the advantage of akoyaGO, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Chosen by an increasing number of foundations for enhanced collaboration, consistency, and transparency.

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