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At akoyaGO, we chose a leader in the field as a partner to host our line of integrated software. Our software is built in Dynamics CRM and is the most technologically-advanced, integrated grant management software on the market. PowerObjects is a professional services firm 100% focused on providing service, support, education and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In fact, PowerObjects has consistently won awards for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Worldwide Partnerships.

akoyaGO knows the importance of due diligence for grantmakers, as well as creating efficiencies in operations. Our integrated software bridges seamlessly with GuideStar Charity Check to pull reports and IRS verification into your database almost effortlessly.  GuideStar is a 501(c)(3) public charity that collects, organizes, and presents information about IRS-registered nonprofit organizations in an easy-to understand format. GuideStar is also the provider of GuideStar for Grant Applications.

akoyaGO is proud to support the following organizations and their events:

PEAK Grantmaking
March 21-25 | PEAK Online 2022

Minnesota Council on Foundations
February 22-25 | 2022 Annual Conference- Momentum

Philanthropy West Virginia
May 18-20 | 2022 Annual Conference

May 19 | EmpowerCF

United Philanthropy Forum
July 17-20 | 2022 Forum Annual Conference

September 8-9 | CEONet Retreat powered by CommunityGiving

Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
September 27-29 | Philanthropy Leads Conference

Exponent Philanthropy
October 10-12 | 2022 Annual Conference

Kansas Association of Community Foundations
October 12-14 | 2022 Annual National Conference for Growing Community Foundations

Philanthropy Ohio
October 24-26 | Philanthropy Forward ’22

Philanthropy Southwest
October 26-29 | 74th Annual Conference: Rise Together

Council of Michigan Foundations
November 14-16 | 50th Annual Conference: Celebrating Our CMF Community

Technology Association of Grantmakers
November 14-17 | TAG2022: Future Philanthropy

Pennsylvania Community Foundation Association
November 28-29 | Together Again with PACFA

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