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At Bromelkamp, we chose a leader in the field as a partner to host our line of integrated software. akoyaGO software is built in Dynamics CRM and is the most technologically-advanced, integrated grant management software on the market. PowerObjects is a professional services firm 100% focused on providing service, support, education and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In fact, PowerObjects has consistently won awards for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Worldwide Partnerships.

Bromelkamp knows the importance of due diligence for grantmakers, as well as creating efficiencies in operations.  Bromelkamp’s integrated software bridges seamlessly with GuideStar Charity Check to pull reports and IRS verification into your database almost effortlessly.  GuideStar is a 501(c)(3) public charity that collects, organizes, and presents information about IRS-registered nonprofit organizations in an easy-to-understand format. GuideStar is also the provider of GuideStar for Grant Applications.

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Through an arrangement with United Philanthropy Forum (formerly the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers), Bromelkamp is able to offer members of participating partner organizations a discount on our Akoya.net software.  For more information about becoming a participating partner organization, please contact Maddie Hallberg at 612.767.6701 x32, or at info@akoyaGO.com.

Arizona Grantmakers Forum is the statewide network that connects, educates and advocates for Arizona philanthropy. With 70 organizations and more than 300 philanthropy professionals in our membership, we turn connections into partnerships, knowledge into practice, and advocacy into positive change for Arizona communities.

Philanthropy Massachusetts (formerly AGM) is a diverse and vibrant membership association of highly engaged philanthropic organizations and individuals with interests in Masschusetts and surrounding areas. We connect new and established donors, their trustees and staff to each other, to their communities and to emerging and relevant issues in the field. Philanthropy Massachusetts delivers excellent opportunities in learning, networking, access to resources and tools, skill-building, and community-building and serves as a bridge between funders and fund applicants for better understanding, efficiency and impact.


The Connecticut Council for Philanthropy (CCP) is, “an association of grantmakers committed to promoting and supporting effective philanthropy for the public good.” The values of transparency, accessability, ethical conduct and responsiveness to diverse populations inform CCP’s work. CCP is committed to being at the forefront of community action, connecting and transfering knowledge and experience between Connecticut grantmakers and their communities, and increasing awareness of the value of philanthropy.

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The Council of New Jersey Grantmakers exists to strengthen and promote effective philanthropy throughout New Jersey.  The leading resource for networking and information for New Jersey’s philanthropic community, CNJG provides representatives of all types of grantmaking organizations with access to valuable services and meaningful activities to advance their work.  CNJG was created based on the principle that philanthropy is more effective when grantmakers have the opportunity for communication, information exchange, and continuing education.

Indiana Philanthropy

Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (IPA) is a nonprofit membership association of and for Indiana’s grantmaking community, helping philanthropists increase the impact of their giving. IPA works to champion, support, and connect members as they transform Indiana through effective philanthropy. Collective membership holds over $18 billion in assets and awards more than $846 million in grants each year. 

Philanthropy Ohio

Philanthropy Ohio is a statewide membership association that provides the network, tools and knowledge to help people engaged in philanthropy become more effective, powerful change agents in their communities. Philanthropy Ohio is the leading voice and premier resource for foundations, corporate giving programs, individuals and organizations actively involved in philanthropy in Ohio. 

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