Simplify Your Financial Management

Consolidate and streamline all your accounting and financial processes, activities, and reporting in one centralized platform.

Managing accounting and financial tracking can be a challenging task for foundations, but with the akoyaGO customized accounting and financial management solution, we’re here to make it easier. Our comprehensive tools and intuitive features are designed to provide you with a solution to streamline your financial processes, from fund accounting to donor service.

Master Your Time

Consolidate all your foundation’s financial activities into one centralized platform, making it easier than ever to manage your funds. Create, track, and manage funds with ease, providing a clear overview of your assets and fund balances. When integrated with GOfund donors can enjoy instant updates on contribution and grant history, as well as investment allocations, empowering you to make informed decisions in real time.

Repetitive tasks are time-consuming and prone to errors. Allow automation to simplify your workflows. Automate interfund gifts, grants, and scheduled distributions to save valuable time and minimize mistakes, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives.

Boosting productivity is always a priority so you have more time to focus on what matters. Our highly efficient fund accounting capabilities ensure smooth administration of essential tasks, including joint investment allocation, spendable allotment, and administrative fees. Leverage flexible baseline accounting features for AP/AR cash management and more, providing a solid foundation for accurate financial records and compliance.

“We have been able to automate a lot of our functions, especially in the accounting department, and learn new ways to improve our processes every day…transitioning to akoyaGO and Business Central has been a good investment for us, a decision we are happy with.”

– Capital Region Community Foundation

Building Bridges

We believe in the power of relationships. Our solution enables you to easily manage and relate to all parties involved in your foundation, from advisors and investors, to report recipients, and beneficiaries. Building and nurturing these relationships becomes seamless, fostering effective collaboration and communication.

Delivering exceptional donor service is crucial. Enhance it through our online donor portal GOfund. Donors have 24/7 access to fund information without the need for manual uploads or requests, strengthening relationships and increasing transparency.

With our integration with Microsoft Business Flow, managing payments and requirements is a breeze. This integration ensures consistent and accurate data entry, eliminating manual errors and simplifying financial transactions.

Fund management is made simple with our solution. Easily see the requests that align with your fund’s interests, such as arts and culture. We made our solution ideal for foundations by integrating it with Microsoft Business Central, an enterprise ERP solution. The fundholder portal allows for a user-friendly and robust balance between usability and functionality.  With the ability to export fund statements to Excel, you have the flexibility to work with data as needed.

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