Connecting for Impact

Unlock the full potential of your foundation’s relationships by effectively identifying and mapping connections to meaningfully engage with key constituents and stakeholders.

Experience the power of the akoyaGO Communication and Relationship Management tool (CRM), where names on a spreadsheet transform into a rich tapestry showcasing the profound legacy of donors and the invaluable impact of your foundation’s endeavors. Universally accessible contact records provide a gateway to a wealth of information. Our user-friendly and robust interface empowers your team to effortlessly manage relationships.

Forge Deep Connections

Moves Management Made Simple

As a foundation, your mission revolves around engaging with diverse stakeholders – donors, grantees, and community members. Our CRM system allows you to identify and nurture relationships on a whole new level. Gain insights into interactions, preferences, and needs, allowing you to tailor your communications and engagement efforts to truly connect with each stakeholder. Build a foundation rooted in understanding.

Adapt with Ease

Never worry about shifting priorities or evolving requirements again. Our CRM is designed to adapt to your changing needs. It is easy enough to configure the system to accommodate new data fields, custom tags, or additional contact information. Stay agile and responsive, ensuring your CRM remains perfectly aligned with the dynamic nature of your foundation. It’s your information, your way.

Data-Driven Insights

Reporting is the lifeblood of foundation management. Generating customized reports becomes a breeze with our CRM. Gain valuable insights into your relationships, activities, and the impact you’re making. Want to see a list of organizations you’ve donated to in the past year? Simply apply filters to create targeted reports that provide accurate and relevant information, empowering confident decision-making and efficient reporting.

“The inherent CRM makes it easy to nurture relationships and grow our foundation. When we're away from the office and need to recall details about a donor or grantee, we can easily access their record on our phones, take notes, and make reminders to follow up.”

– Barry Community Foundation

Seamless Integration with Familiar Tools

We understand your foundation relies on familiar Microsoft Office tools like Outlook and Teams for day-to-day operations. akoyaGO seamlessly integrates with these tools, streamlining your workflows and eliminating duplicate data entry. Create contacts directly from Outlook, track relevant work, and effortlessly synchronize communications and activities. Embrace a centralized and organized hub for all your contact data, effortlessly integrated with your existing toolkit.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Your foundation is always on the move – attending events, board meetings, and engaging with stakeholders in various locations. Our CRM accessibility knows no bounds. The mobile-accessible Dynamics 365 app enables you to access and manage contact records wherever you are. Whether you’re on a site visit, attending a fundraising event, or working remotely, stay connected by effortlessly viewing and updating contact information, recording activities, and keeping your finger on the pulse of your foundation.

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