Features: Grant Management

akoyaGO grants management software

Grants management – amplified

Ready-to-go grants management software configurable to your needs. In the cloud. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Streamline start-to-finish administration of grants and scholarships, tailored for the way you work.


Save time with adaptable workflows that automate processes for the entire cycle of your grants and scholarships.


Intelligent customization of applications, including required fields, branch logic, pre-application eligibility quizzes, and more.


Enhance and personalize
with your logo and branding.

Easy and secure online access for your applicants.

Applicants can save their work midstream, access help guides, and auto-populate information from previous submissions.

Track application status and encourage completion with auto-reminders.

Online grant review made simple.

Online access for reviewers with optional fields for comments, recommendations, and rank/weight of applicants.

akoygaGO grants management software

Go beyond grant management with a solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Robust CRM

Total integration of Outlook and Microsoft Office Suite & Apps

Easy-to-use familiarity

Reliable security

Regular updates and improvement

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