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Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, our solution seamlessly integrates CRM and grant management capabilities to revolutionize operations, ensuring unmatched efficiency, security, and impact.

All-In-One Software Solution

Streamline Your Operations

Experience the incredible ease of having all the essential functions right at your fingertips. Imagine seamlessly integrating Relationship Management and Grant Management within the akoyaGO platform, enabling your team to drive your foundation’s mission. Days of juggling multiple software solutions are over. Welcome a unified approach that simplifies your work. Harness the true potential of your data, empowering your team to make informed, data-driven decisions that lead to heightened productivity and strategies that drive real impact in the lives of those you serve.

The Power of a Unified Platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Gain access to cutting-edge technology backed by the prowess of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Picture your foundation easily navigating a digital landscape with enterprise-level security and unmatched integration capabilities. Imagine the possibilities as you scale and adapt our platform to meet the evolving needs of your foundation. Whether it’s streamlining grant processes or gaining valuable insights from your data, akoyaGO empowers you to make a meaningful difference. Take charge of your foundation’s journey.

Relationship Management

Relationship Management

  • Connect on a deeper level by tailoring your communications and effortlessly adapt as priorities evolve 
  • Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with customized reports, integrated with familiar tools like Microsoft Office Suite 
  • Stay connected and manage contacts on the go with our mobile accessibility feature 
Grant Management

Grant Management

  • Submit materials with ease using customizable application forms and a user-friendly portal 
  • Experience faster evaluations, real-time progress tracking, and integration for unified grantmaking 
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Industry Knowledge

As a highly skilled and experienced team, we bring solid expertise and domain knowledge to the table.

We are well-versed in best practices for foundations and possess the necessary tools to provide exceptional service. As your dedicated technology partner, we are committed to going above and beyond, continuously striving to apply our extensive industry knowledge to design tailored solutions that effectively tackle your distinctive challenges and meet your needs. Additionally, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer support, ensuring that you receive the highest quality assistance every step of the way. 

Client-Centric Care

We have a team dedicated to the implementation process. Each new client is assigned a project manager who shepherds the entire process, including data conversion. Once implemented, our account management team serves as a bridge between our clients and our company. Not only do they serve as advocates for clients’ goals, requests, and desires, they also strategize with internal teams to improve our products and services based on client feedback.

GOsupport, our online client portal, allows clients to create and track cases, increase knowledge through updated guides, as well as interact with other clients through forums.

“I can’t tell you how nice it is to have everything centralized. With the elimination of all paper files, we aren’t trying to move everything around to different people. Even our board can access what we have now. It’s so transparent and you can feel good knowing everyone has what they need.”

- The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation

Amplify Your Foundation’s Mission

Your mission deserves unwavering support. akoyaGO equips you with the tools and insights needed to accelerate your impact. 

All while staying true to your core purpose. 

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