Voices in Foundation Software | Gail Sullivan

In the dynamic world of philanthropy and technology, our team members from the foundation space bring unique perspectives and valuable experiences to akoyaGO. Having firsthand knowledge of our clients’ challenges, they contribute invaluable insights to our product and services. Join us in this series as we explore the captivating journeys of these individuals, from foundations to their current roles, revealing stories of passion, connection, and technological innovation.

Meet Gail Sullivan

Manager of Client Implementation

Gail’s odyssey in foundation software began at the esteemed March of Dimes, where she dedicated three decades to serving the greater good. Starting as a Grants Administrator, she navigated every facet of the grant lifecycle, from management to insightful analysis. Her journey evolved as she transitioned into the role of a Database Administrator, wielding her prowess in database management to revolutionize processes. Gail’s tenure at March of Dimes was marked by a pursuit of progress, culminating in the digitization of the application process, a testament to her commitment to efficacy.

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"It's important to me that the organization I am apart of is making a positive difference for others."

Equipped with a desire to continue championing the cause of foundations, Gail found herself drawn to akoyaGO. For six years, she has been an integral part of the team, initially serving as a Database Consultant before assuming her current role as Manager of Client Implementation. Gail’s transition to akoyaGO was not merely a career move; it was a seamless continuation of her mission to empower foundations with cutting-edge solutions tailored to their unique needs.

In her role at akoyaGO, Gail orchestrates the intricate dance of implementation, collaborating closely with her team of Project Managers to ensure a smooth transition for new clients. Drawing from her extensive experience in the foundation space, Gail infuses each interaction with empathy and understanding, recognizing the challenges inherent in software transitions. She emphasizes the importance of partnership, serving as a beacon of guidance and support for foundations navigating the transition to foundation software.

Empowering Implementation through Collaborative Partnerships

Reflecting on her journey, Gail identifies the challenges facing foundations: resources, both in terms of finances and time. Foundations operate within a delicate ecosystem where every allocation of resources holds profound significance. With akoyaGO’s foundation software, Gail strives for foundations to reclaim control over their databases, unlocking the power of automation and workflow optimization to maximize efficiency and minimize overheads.

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For Gail, the true essence of her role lies in the connections forged and the growth witnessed along the way. Each implementation represents not just a software upgrade but a transformative journey towards greater efficiency and impact. Through every interaction, Gail finds herself learning from clients, forming lasting relationships grounded in mutual trust and shared aspirations.



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