Proprietary vs. Platform: Why akoyaGO Stands Out in Foundation Software 

In community and private foundation management, the choice of software can significantly influence the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations. This decision becomes particularly crucial when navigating the complexities of grant management, fund accounting, and donor relationship management. As foundations seek to maximize their impact, the debate between proprietary software and platform-based solutions like akoyaGO becomes increasingly relevant. Built on the robust framework of Microsoft Dynamics 365, akoyaGO offers a cloud-based platform that ensures accessibility, security, automation, visibility, and scalability. Let’s explore why choosing a platform solution like akoyaGO is a strategic advantage over proprietary systems for foundation professionals.

Understanding the Landscape: Proprietary vs. Platform Solutions

Before delving into the specifics of why a platform solution outshines proprietary systems, it’s essential to understand the difference. Proprietary software is developed and maintained by a single company. It is often a closed system, meaning its source code is not available for customization or integration by the end-user. On the other hand, platform-based solutions like akoyaGO are built on widely recognized and supported frameworks, in this case, Microsoft Dynamics 365. This approach not only leverages the robust features of the underlying platform but also offers unparalleled flexibility and integration capabilities.

Accessibility: Anywhere, Anytime

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to access your foundation’s management system from anywhere at any time is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity. akoyaGO’s web-based platform ensures that community and private foundation professionals can stay connected with their operations, grantseekers, and donors, whether they are working from the office, attending a conference, or on the field. Unlike proprietary systems, which may offer limited or cumbersome remote access solutions, akoyaGO leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365’s secure cloud infrastructure to provide seamless and secure access from any device with an internet connection.

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Security: A Top Priority

For foundations, the security of sensitive financial and personal information is paramount. Proprietary systems may have security measures in place, but they often lack the resources and expertise that come with a platform supported by a tech giant like Microsoft. akoyaGO benefits from Microsoft Dynamics 365’s comprehensive security features that ensure your foundation’s data is protected against evolving threats, providing peace of mind for both your organization and your stakeholders.

Automation and Efficiency: Do More with Less

Automation is a key feature of effective foundation software, allowing organizations to streamline operations, reduce manual errors, and free up staff to focus on strategic initiatives. akoyaGO’s platform integrates the powerful automation capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, from grant application processing to fund accounting. This automation goes beyond what many proprietary systems can offer, enabling grant managers to handle complex workflows with ease and efficiency.

Visibility and Insight: Making Informed Decisions 

Having a comprehensive overview of your foundation’s operations and financials is crucial for making informed decisions. Proprietary software often operates in silos, making it challenging to get a holistic view of your foundation’s activities. In contrast, akoyaGO provides robust reporting and analytics tools built into Microsoft Dynamics 365. This visibility allows foundation professionals to generate real-time reports, track grant lifecycle metrics, and analyze donor trends, all from a single platform.

Scalability: Growing with Your Foundation

As your foundation evolves, so do your software needs. Proprietary systems can quickly become limiting, requiring costly customizations or complete replacements to accommodate growth. akoyaGO, built on the scalable framework of Microsoft Dynamics 365, grows with your foundation. Whether you’re expanding your grantmaking activities, increasing your donor base, or diversifying your fund accounting needs, akoyaGO’s platform can adapt to your changing requirements without the need for significant overhauls.

The Power of Integration 

In foundation management, the ability to integrate with other systems and services is invaluable. Proprietary systems often lack the flexibility for easy integration, leading to operational inefficiencies. akoyaGO stands out by offering seamless integration capabilities, thanks to its foundation on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Whether it’s connecting with email marketing tools, financial software, or collaboration platforms, akoyaGO ensures that your foundation’s ecosystem is interconnected and efficient.

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A Partner, Not Just a Vendor 

At akoyaGO, we understand the unique challenges faced by community and private foundation professionals. Our platform is designed not just to provide software but to be a partner in your foundation’s mission. By choosing akoyaGO, you’re not just selecting a software solution; you’re embracing a partnership that will help your foundation achieve its goals with greater effectiveness and impact.


The debate between proprietary and platform-based foundation software leans heavily in favor of platforms like akoyaGO. Built on the robust and secure framework of Microsoft Dynamics 365, akoyaGO offers accessibility, security, automation, visibility, scalability, and integration capabilities.



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