Voices in Foundation Software | Christopher Williams

In the dynamic world of philanthropy and technology, our team members from the foundation space bring unique perspectives and valuable experiences to akoyaGO. Having firsthand knowledge of our clients’ challenges, they contribute invaluable insights. Join us in this series as we explore the captivating journeys of these individuals, from foundations to their current roles, revealing stories of passion, connection, and technological innovation. 

Meet Christopher Williams

Data Migration Specialist

Christopher Williams stands out in our series due to his unique foundation software background. Unlike most of our highlighted team members who have direct experience within foundations, Chris’s journey intertwines with community foundations through a consulting lens. As a former employee at Foundation Information Systems, Chris specialized in aiding community foundations during their transitions to new software, evaluating and deciding on the best technological fit. This role not only required an understanding of the foundations’ needs but also a deep dive into the intricacies of fund accounting and data management – skills that are directly applicable to his current role at akoyaGO.

Voices in Foundation Software Christopher Williams

Chris’s involvement with foundation software transition projects ranged from redesigning chart of accounts to addressing net asset restrictions and functional expense reports. These key tasks allowed community foundations to enhance their operational efficiency and better serve their communities. His passion for resolving foundational issues led him to akoyaGO, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in his professional life.

"What excites me about this industry, whether in my past roles or my current position, is the ability to enable foundations to make a more substantial impact in their communities. Our product is a tool for transformation, empowering them to achieve greater results once they fully leverage its capabilities."

Before joining akoyaGO as a Data Migration Specialist in October 2023, Chris had already established a relationship with us through his consulting work. His transition into the team was fueled by his admiration for our comprehensive solution and the collaborative spirit he witnessed during our annual conference, EMPOWERED. Chris’s role at akoyaGO extends beyond data conversion; it’s about understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by community and private foundations. His expertise in fund accounting and foundation management software makes him a valuable asset to our team and our clients.

Guidance Using Foundation Software

Chris’s journey at akoyaGO is one of continuous learning and growth. He thrives on the challenges presented by data migration and is keen to expand his role in guiding foundations through their process improvements. Finding immense satisfaction in unraveling a pain point and transforming it into an efficient solution, his dedication to efficiency and effectiveness resonates with the core mission of akoyaGO – empowering foundations to maximize their impact in the community.

Embodying the spirit of akoyaGO by addressing the “unknown unknowns” that often hinder foundations’ progress, Chris’s goal is to demystify the capabilities of foundation software. In return, foundations can streamline their operations, from fund accounting to donor management. His work ensures that foundation professionals can focus on creating positive change.

As we continue our series, Voices in Foundation Software, we celebrate the contributions of individuals like Chris Williams, whose experiences and expertise drive the success of foundations across the globe.



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