Voices in Foundation Software | Mark Montoya

In the dynamic world of philanthropy and technology, our team members from the foundation space bring unique perspectives and valuable experiences to akoyaGO. Having firsthand knowledge of our clients’ challenges, they contribute invaluable insights to our product and services. Join us in this series as we explore the captivating journeys of these individuals, from foundations to their current roles, revealing stories of passion, connection, and technological innovation.

Meet Mark Montoya

Chief Experience Officer

Twelve years ago, Mark entered the world of philanthropy with little knowledge of foundations. However, his initial exposure quickly evolved into a deep love for the sector. At the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, Mark served in various capacities, including Chief Operating Officer and a notable stint as Interim President and CEO for nine months. During this time, Mark gained valuable insights into the diverse aspects of foundation work and Community Foundation National Standards.

Mark Montoya akoyaGO President

His experience at the foundation exposed him to the power of software, specifically the opportunity to streamline processes and increase efficiency across the organization. Mark contributed to implementing various software improvements and implementations that enhanced the overall service delivery of the foundation. His relationship with key akoyaGO staff opened the door for his transition to akoyaGO two years ago, bringing his perspective from the foundation space to enhance akoyaGO’s product and services for foundations nationwide.

Total User Experience in Foundation Software

As CXO, Mark’s role extends beyond ensuring a positive client experience; it encompasses the entire user interface and service provided. Rooted in the foundation mindset of “relationships matter,” Mark values the opportunity to connect with clients, understand their needs, and make a tangible impact. He emphasizes the importance of evaluating and improving the entire process, considering donors, grantee, and all community stakeholders’ perspectives. By establishing relationships and building trust, he’s able to collaborate with our internal team to enhance the solution based on user feedback. This approach aligns with creating a culture dedicated to user experience and client satisfaction.

Looking back on his foundation days, Mark acknowledges the operational challenges foundations face—limited time, strategic vision competing with operational demands, and the need for efficiency.

Understanding the constraints faced by foundations, he empathizes with the initial legwork required for software implementation. He notes that this drives our focus to design software with ease of use at the forefront, minimizing the time and effort required for foundations.

“We’re not just a software company. We’re investing back in communities served by our foundation partners. Improving our software for our clients broadens the operational efficiencies and capacity of their work.”

An additional challenge Mark identifies is the existence of silos between departments. He notes how akoyaGO facilitates collaboration using Microsoft, allowing transparent data sharing, as well as enhancing internal and external communication. This benefit aligns with Mark’s favorite feature of akoyaGO —an all-inclusive platform that unifies foundation functions, including relationshipgrantdonor, and financial management. This integration eliminates the need for multiple systems, promoting transparency and efficiency.

Mark Montoya’s unique perspective, cultivated through years of hands-on experience, contributes to akoyaGO’s commitment to empowering foundations. As the Chief Experience Officer, Mark continues to bridge the gap between philanthropy and technology, ensuring that akoyaGO continues supporting foundations and amplifying their impact on the communities they serve.



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