Voices in Foundation Software | Alyson Belvin

In the dynamic world of philanthropy and technology, our team members from the foundation space bring unique perspectives and valuable experiences to akoyaGO. Having firsthand knowledge of our clients’ challenges, they contribute invaluable insights. Join us in this series as we explore the captivating journeys of these individuals, from foundations to their current roles, revealing stories of passion, connection, and technological innovation. 

Meet Alyson Belvin

Director of Client Services

Before her 11-year tenure in foundation software at akoyaGO began, Alyson held the position of the Chief Financial Officer at the Outer Banks Community Foundation. Marking a period of significant transformation, she navigated the foundation through transitions in software, evolving from basic accounting systems to the implementation of our legacy product, Pearl. Her leadership during this transition became a guiding light for other community foundations, as she shared insights on selecting the right software and optimizing operational processes.

Alyson’s passion for efficiency became evident during her foundation years. This commitment ultimately led her to join akoyaGO. Equipped with accounting and database knowledge, Alyson joined the team and played a pivotal role in expanding its solution offerings to include community foundation software.

Alyson’s natural curiosity and problem-solving skills continue in her commitment to helping others by streamlining their processes. Her background in leading innovation in foundation software enables her to understand the intricacies of the industry. As the Director of Client Services, Alyson oversees Implementation, Technical Services, Account Management, and Support. Having worked in various departments, as well as experiencing the foundation and client perspectives, her unique position ensures the efficiency of internal processes to benefit our clients. Further, she emphasizes the importance of problem-solving within our team, recognizing its value not only for internal operations but also in supporting the challenges our clients face. 

The Evolution of Foundation Software

Initially perceived as mere storage, Alyson highlights that software has now become a powerful tool to empower foundation professionals. The transition from storage to analytical capabilities has revolutionized the way foundations operate.

She goes on to state that foundation software is not about replacing human efforts but empowering them. The akoyaGO solution, with its automation features, allows foundations to focus more on the human element of philanthropy. It enables professionals to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time in the field, building relationships with nonprofits and donors. Automation, according to Alyson, brings software back to its fundamental purpose – supporting the humans who drive positive change. 

Recognizing the challenges foundations face, including resistance to change, she encourages a shift from a “this is how it works” mentality to an exploration of how things can be improved. As a dedicated partner to foundations, akoyaGO and our team members like Alyson aim to help clients reenvision their processes, fostering a more effective and impactful approach to their mission.

"Some organizations may believe they need more technology, but in reality, what they truly desire is technology that can manage itself. This allows them to focus on the human aspect of philanthropy."

Alyson appreciates being with the innovators in philanthropy, understanding community needs, and enabling change. She reflects, “We’re not making philanthropy, we’re enabling those that do.” By understanding the trends and needs of foundations, she continues to bring their innovative ideas to life.

A great example of a commitment to innovation and efficiency, Alyson’s insights into the evolving role of technology in supporting philanthropy emphasize the importance of empowering human efforts. As akoyaGO continues to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape, Alyson’s leadership remains a driving force in shaping the future of foundation management.



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