Technology Association of Grantmakers Annual Conference | TAG2022

akoyaGO presenting a commemorative baseball
to Ann Puckett of Grand Rapids Community Foundation.

akoyaGO was proud to be an exhibitor at the Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG) annual conference, TAG2022. Gathering thought leaders from across the country, this conference promoted the strengthening of impact within philanthropy through the power of technology. As a technology leader within this space, we believe in the undeniable benefits TAG offers to the community and are grateful to have the opportunity to join the conversation.

“It was great to be at TAG2022 connecting with foundation and technology thought leaders on how data, technology, collaboration, and innovation can and are being used to advance the work of foundations.”
Mark Montoya, Chief Experience Officer, akoyaGO

Participating, Listening, and Creating Community

Throughout the conference, we had great opportunities to engage in various events. All carried different meanings and outcomes, yet all contributed to the larger conversation of how technology can advance the world of philanthropy.

We kicked off the conference with a bang, hosting a nightcap event following the pre-conference dine arounds. Everyone was invited to join in on some fun at Topgolf Swing Suites, along with some food and drinks. A light-hearted gathering designed to kick back and get reacquainted, it also offered the opportunity for networking, collaboration, and a whole lot of laughter. This wonderful evening with an incredible group of impactful leaders set a powerful tone for the rest of the conference.

The conference was filled with keynote speakers, breakout sessions, as well as opportunities to lunch and learn. Among the incredible learning opportunities, Mark Montoya, CXO, and Michelle Sahlstrom, Director of Marketing and Communications, moderated the breakout session, “Changing the Game: How Do We Innovate Responsibly?”, hosted by Alka Roy, a keynote speaker and founder of Responsible Project & RI Labs. This was an excellent conversation centered around reframing the narrative of responsible innovation.

We also had the privilege of hosting a user group, Leveraging akoyaGO to Advance the User Experience, at the conference. Similar to the learnings that came from the sessions, this venue offered meaningful dialogue as well as reinforced the power of partnership and the essential relationships within philanthropy – the grantee, the donor, the staff.

Each and every moment of the conference provided an in-depth look into technology and the role it plays to further philanthropy. We are grateful for our partnership with TAG and look forward to advancing the future of technology together.