Michigan Regional Training

We recently gathered several of our clients for a regional training in Jackson, Michigan. Reflecting back, we are so grateful for the engagement, learnings, and connections that unfolded throughout the event. We recognize how valuable ongoing training is to fully optimize our solution and look forward to creating more opportunities like this in other parts of the country. Priceless insights were captured that can be implemented into every aspect of akoyaGO, helping us support our clients even further.

Engaging Learning Environments

There is no doubt in-person engagement with other foundations and our staff is an irreplaceable resource. Our Michigan Regional Training was no exception. From presenter-led content sessions to an open Q&A-style user group, our clients were met with a learning environment that encouraged curiosity and excitement. The sessions were structured to be interactive. Clients were able to follow along on their laptops, giving the opportunity to view and practice within their own systems. Conversations within the user group showcased the collaboration between clients, whether it was asking questions and helping each other or sharing success stories. This engagement allowed clients to brainstorm on suggestions and enhancements to improve our solution, providing integral feedback we could immediately integrate.

It’s Inspiring When We’re Together

These learning environments create a spirit of camaraderie in the air like no other. A group setting such as this encourages an eagerness to learn and prompts those aha moments. By giving our clients a platform to share with each other and our staff in a different light than day-to-day conversations, the room felt inspired from the collaboration on suggestions and the sharing of successes. As a partner to foundations, we feel honored to create this community of philanthropic leaders, connecting with each other to exhibit how they use the solution to best optimize their practices.

Who’s Ready for EMPOWERED 2023?

At the close of our time together, our team asked the attendees, “Do you now feel more or less inclined to attend EMPOWERED 2023?” To our delight, we were met with the unanimous answer of, “Yes. Today makes us want to attend your annual user conference even more than before…we’re excited to keep learning about the potential of the software and hearing from other users.” It was a proud moment for the akoyaGO team as it confirmed the regional training was an energizing day, leaving our clients asking for more at EMPOWERED. While a regional training doesn’t replace our user conference, it did serve as a perfect appetizer to the conversations and content sessions set to happen at EMPOWERED this year.

If you have yet to register for EMPOWERED 2023, don’t miss out and register here!

We again want to thank all of our clients who were able to attend and the akoyaGO staff who helped make the training a success. We are grateful to Jackson Community Foundation for aiding in the creation of this training. akoyaGO is looking forward to more opportunities like this in the future.