Building Community in the Communities We Serve 

Creating opportunities for foundations and other philanthropic organizations to come together in-person has never been more important. From organized sessions to spontaneous peer conversations, these exchanges provide opportunities to learn about new practices and changes within the landscape, as well as build momentum for the missions and communities served. 

These moments of collaboration speak to a pivotal message within the philanthropic sector: We are ALL leaders and drivers of transformation. Serving as a technology thought-leader, akoyaGO recognizes that our role within this pursuit is not complete without an alliance between two equally important elements: listening and guidance. In fact, we believe the balance between these two is paramount to the progression of the greater good. 

Fall 2022 Partnerships
CEONet Retreat
Hosted by CommunityGiving
September 8-9

Philanthropy Leads Conference
Hosted by Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
September 27-29

Exponent Philanthropy Annual Conference
Hosted by Exponent Philanthropy
October 10-12

Annual National Conference for Growing Community Foundations
Hosted by Kansas Association for Community Foundations
October 12-14

Philanthropy Forward ’22
Hosted by Philanthropy Ohio
October 24-26

Rise Together 74th Annual Conference
Hosted by Philanthropy Southwest
October 26-29

Celebrating Our CMF Community 50th Annual Conference
Hosted by Council of Michigan Foundations
November 14-16

Future Philanthropy TAG2022
Hosted by Technology Association of Grantmakers
November 14-17

Strengthening Networks Through Voices
As we all know, no foundation is the same. Listening to understand each organization is key to not only providing a solution to constituents, but to genuinely fulfill and uphold our responsibility to the progression of philanthropy. Being together, surrounded by leaders within the industry, akoyaGO is looking to hear foundations’ voices. What are the needs? Obstacles? Goals? Having conversations with, growing a network between, and most importantly, listening to those who share a desire to create impact is a practice we are placing at the forefront of our endeavors. Partnership with associations provides insight that we can integrate within our support of foundations.  

Being Part of The Transformation 
Just as a thought leader understands their role is not complete without active listening, they must also provide support, resources, and ultimately, guidance based on the needs of the communities they serve. We all share the responsibility of leadership within philanthropy. This can happen in a myriad of ways…foundations serving their missions, associations providing resources, technology partners delivering optimized solutions. Every organization is an essential contributor to the betterment of all.   

Included above are industry events we will be attending this fall in hopes of continuing the conversation. If you are unable to attend, no worries. We would still love the opportunity to connect. Together, we will continue to listen, learn, and pave the way to ensure impact.