akoyaGO Announces Partnership with Pinkaloo to Help Foundations Empower Giving

Minneapolis, MN, December 15, 2020 — akoyaGO by Bromelkamp, a cloud-based software management solution for philanthropic foundations, today announced a strategic partnership with Pinkaloo to provide clients with industry-leading functionality to manage donations with ease, engage fundholders in multiple ways, and conduct due diligence.  Pinkaloo’s tools are seamlessly integrated into the akoyaGO platform, to optimize efficiency and to drive the automation of administrative tasks.  

This partnership extends the capabilities of the akoyaGO solution in three key areas:

  • Donor Portal: GOfund delivers an interactive donor portal for community foundation fundholders: online fund statements, news from the foundation, and promoted projects are all a part of this configurable portal. “Our clients will have more tools for engaging their fundholders in giving and granting,” says Alyson Belvin, Director of Product Development at Bromelkamp Company, LLC.
  • Donation Automation: GOdonate automates the online donation backend so essential data moves seamlessly from the foundation’s webpage into akoyaGO so staff is freed from the heavy data entry effort. Furthermore, Pinkaloo’s collaboration with Stripe provides a consistent data set and very competitive transaction pricing.  Pinkaloo’s platform avails key tools for foundations to leverage crowdfunding and social media platforms. “It is exciting to see our flexible, user-friendly tools deployed in this strategic way,” states Gideon Taub, Pinkaloo’s Founder & CEO.
  • Data Verification: GOverify avails essential data to ensure due diligence for grant-making and gives more control to foundations managing grant-making from donor-advised funds.  For example, organizations on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Group List are flagged, and local religious or educational organizations the foundation has approved can be configured. More and better data improves the effectiveness of grant-making.

“We consistently seek ways to increase our clients’ efficiency and enhance effectiveness,” says John Long, CEO at Bromelkamp, “and through this partnership, we deliver on both.” For Pinkaloo, this partnership expands its reach and intent to make giving easy. “We look forward to serving Bromelkamp’s clients through this partnership and extending the reach of our powerful, easy-to-use platform,” says Taub, “It means more giving.”

About akoyaGO

akoyaGO, built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, is an integrated, flexible, and cloud-based software for philanthropic foundations. Created by Bromelkamp Company which has served grantmakers for more than 40 years. Our clients use akoyaGO to amplify their impact and do more.

About Pinkaloo

Pinkaloo Technologies Inc., founded in 2016, was created to make charitable giving as easy as possible. Pinkaloo builds software that seamlessly incorporates giving into people’s lives, connects them with the causes they care about the most, and automates the administration of philanthropy. To learn more about Pinkaloo, visit www.pinkaloo.com

Media Contact:

Shauna Vandendriessche
Work Phone: (612) 336-5060

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