Bromelkamp Statement on Anti-Discrimination

Bromelkamp is based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul — George Floyd was killed only a few miles from our office. His death is inexcusable and tragic; we are simultaneously saddened, shocked, and rocked on many levels. His death motivated people from all walks of life to advocate for change in their communities. This touches all of us. It is very close to our homes no matter where we live and work. As a company, we say Black Lives Matter. Period. Discrimination based on any criteria — ethnicity, creed, or gender — is wrong.

This starts with each of us becoming aware of how racism lives within us and how we must do our part to work toward a just, humane, and equitable future. As a largely white company, we have an obligation to examine our practices honestly, unravel biases, and deepen our knowledge on the social constructs of discrimination. As a company, we have always tried to be a responsive employer; going forward we will continue this tradition while recognizing there is always room for growth. We will listen more and talk less. We are supporting our employees to give to the community foundation in their neighborhood.  Over the next few months, Bromelkamp employees will complete implicit bias training, hear from community leaders with diverse voices, and challenge each other to demonstrate social courage, humanity, and decency. We will no longer sideline these actions and conversations. 

We will also engage and learn from our partners – grantmakers of all types – who have immense potential to transform and heal communities nationwide. They are in the middle of dialogue and response. Progress will come from these change agents who embrace a renewed purpose, mission, and outcomes. Bromelkamp will support their efforts. We will advocate for them and amplify their impact.  We are not done. LetsGO. Black Lives Matter. Period. 

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